Photographer Oslo - Stig Jarnes Photography - Fotograf Stig Jarnes
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Photographer Oslo - Stig Jarnes

Photographer Oslo

I’m a commercial freelance photographer working out of Oslo, Norway.

I specialize in advertising photography, lifestyle, fashion, and active lifestyle photography. The (short) story goes like this: I’m finally getting my degrees in political science, political economy, and journalism. But because nature tends to work in mysterious ways, I decided to take up photography. There were mixed reasons for this: I’ve always been curious, and I have an eye for detail and a need to express myself and create.

Working as a photographer has been a great journey that has taken me around the globe. Sometimes up high peaks. It has also allowed me to work with a wide range of clients—from independent clothing designers to some of the strongest brands in Norway.


Some of my clients:

• Alpaca Society • Assessit • Block Watne • Bluestep • Bohus • Bonytt • Centerteam • Cognite • Cogs & Marvel • Creuna • Det Nye • Egge Reklamebyrå • Fimbulvetr • Google • Helly Hansen • Henne • Humblestorm (SE) • Juristforbundet • Juvelér Langaard • Kinnarps • KK • Kygolife • MKTG (US) • Neomondo • Nordea • Oktan • Panorama Design • Pierre Robert • Plapre • Play Magnus Carlsen • Pulse Communications • PwC • Schjærven • Shape Up • Sissener • Sony Music • Spotify • Stetson Europe • Unacast • United Spirit Nordic • Vice (US) • Welt • XXL • + +